Review: Netflix's 'The Christmas Chronicles' puts Kurt Russell as a charismatic Santa Claus

Nov 19, 2018
the christmas chronicles netflix kurt russell

The Christmas Chronicles’ puts Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. As ridiculous as this idea seem, it surprisingly works well. Russell’s Santa is an exaggeration of his charisma, allowing him to be convenient regardless of the tone of each scene. Perhaps, the movie’s fate can easily be hanged by the basis of his presence, and it also gives us a really big issue on the fact that this movie shouldn’t really be about him. 

A good chunk of the movie we spend our time with siblings Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis), as in natural movie fashion fight and argue all the time. The two meets middle ground when they try to prove Santa Claus is a real figure, which in turns is actually one. The follow Santa and sneaked on his sleigh, only to find themselves ruining his operations to give presents until Christmastime.          

the christmas chronicles netflix kurt russell

There is something interesting here, but I wish it was handled to an extent of something quite unique. At times, I feel like I have seen this film before, the difference only is the enigmatic portrayal of Kurt Russell as the Christmas icon. This is true considering I had fun watching it, even with a familiar template.

the christmas chronicles netflix kurt russell

I’d rather prefer to follow Russell’s Clause than Teddy and Kate, and that’s the worst part of it. ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ wants to let you know that Christmas is all about the dreams and aspirations of children waiting for that timely gift during the holidays. However, I was somehow lost in terms of how this idea was layed down. I still liked the movie though. I just wished I like it even more because it is indeed a promising one.

‘The Christmas Chronicles’ streams on Netflix starting November 22, 2018.


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