Review: ‘Aquaman’ streams unevenly

Dec 13, 2018
aquaman 2018 movie review philippines

I have to make the case that James Wan’s ‘Aquaman’ moves frenetically, and while it works as to amplify its energy, it is another case of a mishap a lot of movies tend to always do especially with a scale as big as its story.

It goes to a lot of places, which on paper definitely make up for an interesting ride. The world that was presented in this film is magnificent, and (I’m sorry if I have to say this) something I have never seen before. It just so happens everything moves so quickly, reducing the intimacy we have for the characters thinner as we move along.

It’s pretty disappointing to just see this happening since Jason Momoa is a very likable Arthur Curry/ Aquaman. The character is innately over-the-top, and the level of charisma he brought was very fitting. I’m longing for a breather to let this character resonate himself fully, however, action setpieces would always interrupt. 

The film sets up the dynamics of surface and water-level conflict among humans. The politics are clear but was only explored in a minute or two, just so we can give more room to the bigger war in the narrative: a battle for the King throne between Curry and his half-brother Orm. 

aquaman 2018 movie review philippines

‘Aquaman’ is a popcorn movie at its core. A film that you watch and frequently pause in between with your family, given there’s no definite pace to actually immerse yourself on. I enjoyed watching the action sequences here, and they are visually enticing. James Wan make it a point to show things as vivid as possible, (unintentionally) even mood swings and flaws that I think were overlooked in the editing room.

'Aquaman' is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Warner Bros. Pictures.

PHOTO CREDITS: Warner Bros. Pictures

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