Review: 'The Favourite' pits Colman, Weisz, and Stone in a quirky, inescapable mess

Feb 23, 2019
the favourite yorgos lanthimos

‘The Favourite’ is arguably Yorgos Lanthimos’ most well-tempered film and could be the fiercest of them all. Here, we are presented with three women: an ill queen (Olivia Colman), her close friend (Rachel Weisz) that governs on her behalf, and a newly hired maid (Emma Stone) who is slowly rising to the top.

Perhaps, it’s the power that governs these three. The exposure to fortune leaving them all to a series of wild antics. But the film is not really about power play at all.

Lanthimos glorifies these women’s respective strengths and twists it all out in the least unexpected manner. Near the end of the film, it’s these strengths that played a key role in their own tragedies, putting them in the horror of inescapability.

As harrowing as the film eventually concludes itself, ‘The Favourite’ is, ironically, hilariously presented. It’s irony that treads the narrative lightly. This is a type of film that would play a carefree track as ‘Skyline Pigeon’ by Elton John be played after its most uncomfortable bit.

the favourite yorgos lanthimos

And it’s superbly acted too. A trio rarely complements each other nicely, but Colman, Stone, and Weisz did it seemingly without effort.

‘The Favourite’ can be tapped into Lanthimos’ more accessible works. The film warrants a lot of laughs, but it works best when these laughs turn into unease. Lanthimos has always worked on this to decent effect, and this film is certainly no exemption.

‘The Favourite’ is now showing in select Ayala Malls cinemas nationwide.


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