Review: Indestructible 'Captain Marvel' lacks a compelling character struggle

Mar 12, 2019
captain marvel review

It’s odd to label ‘Captain Marvel’ as the first female superhero film for Marvel when we already got it last year with ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp.’ Both films present feministic energy all over, allowing the female protagonist posit a stronger power over their male counterparts. 

To call ‘Captain Marvel’ as a revolutionary piece for the studio is an exaggeration, but it is a very welcoming representation for a cinematic universe that is too focused on machismo and resolving patriarchal issues. It might not be a coincidence that the titular Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers in her real name, has no father figure, to begin with. 

The film, or at least 15 minutes of it, has her trying to up her male companions. Thus, we are left with a large chunk of time with her being indestructible physically. Her real struggle comes within her remembering the past, which was partly erased after an accident blast that causes her superpowers. We have seen a lot of movies with characters having the exact conflict, but what sets ‘Captain Marvel’ apart from them? To be honest, not much.

captain marvel review

Marvel Studios is clearly banking on a template for their origin titles, and it’s a structure that works for them. There’s something off on how we get to see Carol Danvers roam around her problems with so much convenience. Everything is easy for her, she is tagged as the most powerful in this cinematic universe after all. I just wish we have the opportunity to see how she makes her indestructibility justifiable.

Set in the ‘90s, ‘Captain Marvel’ is a treat. Although it banks on too many nostalgic bits, you can really see the film treats itself as if it was made on that era. Brie Larson was a fun Captain Marvel, but a better material would’ve utilized her talent better.

captain marvel review

At this point, watching Marvel movies seem like an obligation. The serial approach of this large franchise demands you to follow each title to appreciate the other. However, if you’re expecting ‘Captain Marvel’ be the bridge for ‘Infinity War’ to the events of ‘Endgame,’ I suggest you tone down first because you’re not getting it (or at least, only 1 minute).

‘Captain Marvel’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide (regular and IMAX) from Walt Disney Studios!  


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