Review: Jet Leyco's 'Second Coming' uplifts its horror with domestic drama

Mar 1, 2019
second coming movie jodi sta maria

I personally think horror works best when they are domestic. There’s something genuinely scary about feeling terrorized and inescapable inside the place where you are supposed to be at your most comfortable. 

This is the focus of ‘Second Coming.’ The evil surrounds not really within the confines of the house but within the people inside. Jodi Sta. Maria’s Bea assumes that the possession of her step-daughter (Angelica Ulip) is caused by her husband’s (Marvin Agustin) deceased wife Raquel (Queenie Rehman).

The film convinces you to believe this is where it’s going, although the main conflict is revealed to be something more than this: the corruption of power. This narrative shift is actually clever, exhibiting a sense of rawness especially for the arcs of its characters. 

second coming movie jodi sta maria

Director Jet Leyco perhaps to make it a point that this is a family drama at the core, with the horror to treat its conflicts. 

However, I wish there’s more to it. The movie, in all its eerie glory, seems to pace itself too quickly. I think there’s a chance to maximize its cathartic effect if it lingers even more. There are also instances wherein characters instantly pop-up for the necessities of the story. It could’ve been more, that’s all. 

second coming movie jodi sta maria

I still find myself enjoying ‘Second Coming.’ Filipino horrors don’t really bank on familial horrors that much recently, so I was happy to see how decent this one turned out.

‘Second Coming’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Reality Entertainment.

second coming movie jodi sta maria


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