Review: 'Friend Zone' excels at becoming a familiar crowd-pleaser

Apr 22, 2019
friend zone thai movie

For what it is becoming, ‘Friend Zone’ is easily vulnerable to flunk with its adherence to romantic-comedy conventions. The film has nothing particularly new to the genre’s conversation, neither a strong narrative to begin with.

However, it manages to juggle down its familiar elements very well. The story is clear: a boy professes his love for his girl best friend. The girl turned him down to avoid their great friendship. Years after, the love ignites, even though the girl, now a woman, has a love of her own.

friend zone thai movie

Perhaps the effectiveness of it all has to be rooted with the believability of the lead characters, portrayed convincingly by Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul and Naphat Siangsomboon. The two’s chemistry can easily be sold either on their on-screen friendship or romantic coupling. They are discreet in the release of their emotions, which contributed to the naivety of their characters’ respective progression.

‘Friend Zone’ has really exciting adventures, but it keeps trying to prove a point for one of its characters with regards to finding out if her partner is actually in an affair. The film tend to go with it too long to the point of being exhaustive to follow.

Still, a decent movie to watch for the fun. 

'Friend Zone' is now showing in Philippine cinemas.

friend zone thai movie


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