Review: 'Banal' knocks off expectations

Jun 3, 2019
banal movie miguel tanfelix bianca umali

I find it surprising to see myself care for the characters of 'Banal.' For a horror film that never allows its ensemble to get the most decent build-up for their respective arcs, it's interesting that despite this, there's underlying humanity in all of it.

'Banal' is a horror film that successfully commits in becoming two things: one, a horror film brimming with the conventions of the genre, and finally, a character-oriented drama that knows how to mend and break some of its characters.

Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali make terrific leads from an ensemble that can really hold promising performances. It's easy to disregard a film like 'Banal,' a film that is conceptually accessible to the mainstream market's likeness.

It's accessibility that I'm thankful to work. 'Banal' paid off by simply knowing where to please its audience and where to push more interesting elements.

'Banal' is now showing in Philippine cinemas from APT Entertainment.
banal movie miguel tanfelix bianca umali


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