Review: Mia (2020)

Jan 17, 2020
mia 2020 veronica velasco coleen garcia ea de guzman

Coleen Garcia plays the titular Mia, an alcoholic doctor dealing with the tragic death of a fiance. She clings to her bromeliad plant as the only thing that’s there for her. As she copes up with grief through alcohol and her plant deteriorating, she seeks the help of Jay (EA De Guzman), a plant expert.

Mia,” the movie, was a pleasant watch. I was surprised to see a rom-com that did not settle for just romance. For the large part, it plays as a study of a compelling central character that isn’t really concerned with romance, but by the notion of having someone to be just there for her. It’s a lovely and often times bittersweet way to look at it, the film could benefit a lot with more time to invest on her.

mia 2020 veronica velasco coleen garcia ea de guzman

Garcia is effective for her role. She has the immense task of having to physically, emotionally, and spiritually sell the character of a woman damaged by a tragedy, and while she was able to pull it off, she added something much more interesting. As Mia, Garcia possessed both vulnerability and optimism.

In a surprising move, “Mia” also advocates for anti-mining. Though the addendum may be read as something that mirrors the central character, I appreciate its inclusion. Though I wish the film played out this element stronger, it’s still a thing I welcome.

mia 2020 veronica velasco coleen garcia ea de guzman

“Mia” is admirable for not being limited with the confines of its genre. While I was satisfied all throughout, a part of me wishes there’s a lot more of it. It’s a fun watch nevertheless, anchored by a terrific performance from Garcia. 

"Mia" is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Insight 360.


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