Jade Castro's "Boys' Lockdown" Debuts This October on Ticket2Me

Oct 2, 2020
Boys' Lockdown BL series

Ticke2Me has released the official trailer of Boys' Lockdown, a Filipino BL series directed by Jade Castro that will premiere this October on Ticket2Me's official YouTube channel.

Boys' Lockdown introduces us to Ali King and Alec Kevin, who will play the roles of Key Kalunsod and Chen Chavez respectively. The trailer teases how their story will thrive in a pandemic setting, finding new ways to be happy, enjoying their youth, and falling in love.

Boys' Lockdown BL series

According to Ticket2Me, "the growing affinity for the Yaoi or Boys’ Love (BL) genre globally is evident in the great number of production and digital entertainment companies who have responded to the demand with new and original stories that enthrall avid BL fans."

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Joining Jade Castro to help craft the series are writer and novelist Danice Mae P. Sison, director of photography Tey Clamor, production designer/ art director Popo Diaz, and assistant director Xeph Suarez. 

Boys’ Lockdown is set to debut this October 15, 2020 on Ticket2Me’s video player and will be available on Ticket2Me’s Youtube Channel by October 18, 2020. 


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