QCinema 2020 Goes Online With New On Demand Platform

Oct 27, 2020
qcinema 2020

QCinema International Film Festival will still push through this 2020, and it is set to reinvent its festival format to the online platform.

QCinema 2020 or "QCinema: A New Filmscape", is slated to run from November 27 to December 6, 2020 through Upstream, the newly launched online Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) streaming platform that will be available for viewing nationwide. Tickets for Upstream may be purchased in GMovies.

“This period of vast isolation has presented an opportunity for QCinema to reach out to more audiences from across the country. For our special #QCinema2020 edition, we will adapt, explore and take on new forms,” says QCinema festival director Ed Lejano.

This year's QCinema program will be comprised of foreign and local films for streaming, including past QCinema #AsianNextWave and Circle Competition grantees.

During the festival proper, the festival will host a gathering to give grants to Inter-Guild Alliance and select independent films, the production of which were halted because of the pandemic.  It will also award six short films that present the lighter side of quarantine. 

Aside from the streaming of its films, the film festival will also host a variety of online and offline events.

qcinema 2020

“As a universal art form, cinema connects us all through stories about compassion, love, forgiveness, human goodness, faith, hope, and destiny. We are not daunted, but we embrace this new filmscape” says Mayor Joy Belmonte. 


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