QCinema Special Edition 2020: Everything you need to know

Nov 25, 2020
QCinema 2020

QCinema International Film Festival will be back for its 8th edition this year, conducting the festival's first-ever "hybrid festival" which is set to feature both online and on-ground screenings/ activities.

"A New Filmscape" is the theme of QCinema 2020, which in light of the restrictions brought by the pandemic, are gearing up for a new movie experience albeit the limitations.

“Like many other film festivals around the world, we’ve had to adapt to the unprecedented challenges of 2020.  Factoring in safety concerns and restrictions, we’ve decided to follow the global trend of staging a hybrid film festival,” said Ed Lejano, festival director.

Festival run and venue: When and where to watch QCinema 2020?

QCinema 2020 or "QCinema: A New Filmscape", is slated to run from November 27 to December 6, 2020, through Upstream, the newly launched online Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) streaming platform that will be available for viewing nationwide. 

Tickets and festival bundle

Tickets for QCinema 2020 can be purchased on QCinema's official website. You can opt to purchase a single ticket (PHP150) good for 1 movie or a festival bundle (PHP750) good for 5 movies plus free limited-edition QCinema merch. 

On-Ground Screenings and Event

Death of Nintendo QCinema 2020
Raya Martin's Death of Nintendo

QCinema will host by-invite on-ground screenings of its Opening Film, the black-and-white version of Bong Joon-ho's Academy-Award winning film Parasite on November 27, as well as Fernanda Valadez's Identifying Features and Raya Martin's Death of Nintendo on November 28. 

The November 28 event will also coincide with the physical book launch of Gaspar Vibal and Dennis Villegas' Philippine Cinema. The book was edited by film historian Teddy Co.

The on-ground events will be happening in an open-air venue in Quezon City.

Online Screenings

The following films will be available for online screening through Upstream.

QCinema Highlights

Cleaners Glenn Barit QCinema 2020
Glenn Barit's Cleaners

Highlights of previous QCinema films.

• Babae at Baril by Rae Red 

• Balangiga: Howling Wilderness by Khavn

• Cleaners by Glenn Barit

 Oda Sa Wala by Dwein Baltazar

Screen International

Corpus Christi QCinema 2020
Mateusz Pacewicz's Corpus Christi

Screen International features acclaimed titles from World Cinema.

• Corpus Christi by Mateusz Pacewicz (Poland)

• Divine Love by Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil) 

• True Mothers by Naomi Kawase (Japan) 

Asian Special Edition

Genus Pan Lahi Hayop Lav Diaz QCinema 2020
Lav Diaz's Genus, Pan

Asian films that have made a mark outside the region.

 Genus, Pan by Lav Diaz (Philippines)

• Roh by Emir Ezwan (Malaysia)

New Horizons

Song Without a Name movie QCinema 2020
Melina León's Song Without a Name 

New Horizons highlights the impressive debut or sophomore films of promising filmmakers from all over the globe.

• Rom by Tran Thanh Huy (Vietnam) 

• Song Without a Name by Melina León (Peru/ Spain/ USA) 


Suk Suk movie QCinema 2020
Ray Yeung's Suk Suk

QCinema’s dedicated section for the stories of LGBTQIA+.

• End of the Century by Lucio Castro (Argentina) 

• Suk Suk by Ray Yeung (Hong Kong) 

Before Midnight 

Midnight in a Perfect World QCinema 2020
Dodo Dayao's Midnight in a Perfect World

Before Midnight is the unrated section of QCinema, composed of mind-boggling genre or controversial titles. 

• Marygoround by Daria Woszek (Poland)  

• Midnight in a Perfect World by Dodo Dayao (Philippines)

Digitally Restored Classic 

Mulholland Drive QCinema 2020
David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

QCinema is hosting the Philippine premiere of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, presented in its newly restored form. 

Online Screening Schedule

There will be two batches of online festival programs for this year's QCinema during the course of its two-week run. The films mentioned can only be streamed on Upstream depending on its schedule in the indicated Festival Program below.

Festival Program 1 (November 27 - December 1)

Cleaners by Glenn Barit

 Oda Sa Wala by Dwein Baltazar

• Balangiga: Howling Wilderness by Khavn

• Babae at Baril by Rae Red 

Genus, Pan by Lav Diaz (Asian premiere) 

Song Without a Name by Melina León (Southeast Asian premiere) 

Divine Love by Gabriel Mascaro (Southeast Asian premiere) 

Rom by Tran Thanh Huy (Philippine premiere) 

Suk Suk by Ray Yeung (Philippine premiere) 

Corpus Christi by Mateusz Pacewicz (Philippine premiere)

Festival Program 2 (December 2 - December 6)

• Cleaners by Glenn Barit

• Oda sa Wala by Dwein Baltazar

• Balangiga Howling Wilderness by Khavn

• Babae at Baril by Rae Red 

Midnight in a Perfect World by Dodo Dayao (World premiere)

• Marygoround by Daria Woszek (Asian premiere)  

• End of the Century by Lucio Castro (Asian premiere) 

• True Mothers by Naomi Kawase (Southeast Asian premiere) 

• Roh by Emir Ezwan (Philippine premiere)

• Mulholland Drive by David Lynch (Philippine premiere)

Film Geek Guy is a media partner of QCinema International Film Festival 2020.


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