"Happenstance" is a Love Story That Merges the Past and the Present

Dec 23, 2020
happenstance bl series

Here's the pitch for Happenstance, Adolfo Alix, Jr.'s BL series for the streaming service GagaOOLala: two people met, one is from 1974 and the other one is from the present time.

On how the two actually met will be a mystery reserved for those who will see it, but at least we can expect something different from the other BL series that have been released recently.

"The flavor is going to be different because of how it deals with the past and present. But still, it's a love story," Alix said in an interview.

A viral story about a house owner discovering a bag of handwritten love letters and pictures from the '70s laid the groundwork for Happenstance, which Alix thought is a potential material for a boys' love serial.

In the midst of 2020, Wade finds an old bag full of love letters in his house's attic. He discovers that these love letters were written to Luis by a boy named Jose Manuel 50 years ago. The letters express his affection for Luis, but because they lived in the 1970s and his father served in the army, he could not express his emotions publicly. Wade is so touched that he writes back to Jose, and he actually receives a reply...

Happenstance is a collaboration between Alix and acclaimed writer Jerry Gracio, who have previously worked on Muli (2010) and Isda (2011).

The series boasts a mix of acting veterans and up-and-coming actors, which include Kiko Ipapo, Jovani Manansala, Saviour Ramos, Shu Calleja, Rosanna Roces, Alan Paule, Angeli Bayani, Erlinda Villalobos, Saviour Ramos, Shu Calleja, and Bembol Roco. 

happenstance bl series

Happenstance will be available for streaming on GagaOOLala every Friday, with the first episode premiering December 25, 2020.

Watch the trailer here: 


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