Memorable Star Wars Scenes That Deserve Their Own Video Games

Jun 12, 2021
Film Geek Guy - Luke Skywalker - The Mandalorian Season 2 Video Game

It was 1999. You’ve just stepped out of the screening for Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace and began to think of how amazing those visual effects turned out to be, its shortcomings, and why that pod race sequence could be the greatest thing you’ve seen on the big screen.

And then you start buying the merch—the toys, Darth Maul’s red lightsaber that beams from end to end, and new Jedi robes. It’s not soon enough before you get to plunge into the video games. There may be a lot of them, but since that memory of young Anakin Skywalker swiftly racing in his pod vehicle was still vividly intact, you decided to buy the game specifically to replicate that viewing experience. The only difference is that you get to control the vehicle.

Of course, that game is Star Wars Episode I: Racer, which is arguably one of the best Star Wars games there is. And if that announced remaster turned out to be true, the original version intended for PC and the Nintendo 64 is all that mattered for now.

The Star Wars franchise is undeniably rich in moments that can spawn different multimedia merchandise, especially for video games. The brand has already proved that this format is a great way to continue the universe’s narrative, if not offer heightened bottled presentations of key sequences from the movies/ series. recently launched the Star Wars Arcade, an online game reminiscent of the classic retro plays from the ‘80s. There, it included the very fun Yoda’s Jedi Training: Running Platform, which sees Luke Skywalker dashing from obstacle to obstacle, and I began to wonder, what are some Star Wars moments that deserve their own video game?

Star Wars Arcade
Star Wars Arcade on

In recent years, the franchise has evolved into an even bigger one that’s greater than we realized. With the new series The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch garnering rave reviews, there are even better opportunities for Star Wars video games in the future. Here are some.

Snoke’s Throne Room (Episode VIII – The Last Jedi)

Film Geek Guy - Snoke Throne Room - Star Wars The Last Jedi Video Game

The greatest surprise of The Last Jedi is its climactic showdown between Snoke versus Kylo Ren and Rey. Star Wars has always reminded us that there is a hidden good somewhere in its antagonists, and yet they managed to shock audiences with that lightsaber slice. But imagine recreating that specific moment in the film, and have The Knights of Ren play bigger roles.

Lando’s Space Troops (Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker)

Film Geek Guy - Lando Comeback - Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker Video Game

Lando’s long-awaited return in The Rise of Skywalker is memorably played out in a victorious moment when he and Chewbacca rallied their allies for one final battle in space. We’ve had a lot of spaceship-themed Star Wars games, but with today’s technology, you can do a whole lot more. 

Luke Comes to the Rescue (The Mandalorian – Season 2)

Film Geek Guy - Luke Skywalker - The Mandalorian Season 2 Video Game

The season two finale of The Mandalorian gave a bittersweet yet triumphant ending with Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker (de-aged to recreate his younger self) coming to the rescue to look for “The Child”. Season three will come very soon, but would it be great if we had a video game solely based on Luke Skywalker coming from one place to the next, before finally landing on the ship we get to see in the Disney+ series?

Darth Maul vs Obi-Wan (Star Wars Rebels)

Film Geek Guy - Darth Maul vs Obi-Wan - Star Wars Rebels Video Game

This is going to be a very quick game, but imagine playing an intense lightsaber duel between Darth Maul and Obi-Wan. Star Wars Rebels has a lot of moments worthy of being a video game, but easily, this scene of the two Star Wars giants had a lot of potentials.

Kessel Run (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Film Geek Guy - Kessel Run - Han Solo Star Wars Story Video Game

Of course, who wouldn’t want a video game based on Han Solo’s Kessel Run myth that was recently realized in Solo: A Star Wars Story? LucasFilms should have banked more on this specific sequence, from not just Lego sets but a full-blown interactive game. Could’ve become a hit if they’d done it sooner.

Agree with our list? What are some Star Wars moments you want to play in a video game? Share your reactions in the comments section below!


  1. nei film, tutto ciò che accade lo rende chiaro. La conoscenza di sé è l'inizio di tutta la saggezza.


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