What to consider when finding a new home, according to your favorite movies

Oct 9, 2021
moving out of apartment
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Regardless if you’re migrating to a new place or searching to find a new environment and fresh air to breathe in, there are a lot of things to consider when moving out.

Movies, especially our favorite domestic horror and thrillers, have made the case that we have to be extra careful on every life decision—with choosing the right home as the most important item on the list.

If you’ve already exhausted references and tips you can find on the internet about what you need to factor in when finding a new home, we’ve listed down some things you may apply to yourself courtesy of a few movies.

Be ready to let go – Toy Story (1995)

Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story has made the hard-hitting realization for many children that letting go of the material things, whether it’s a valuable toy or your comfort environment, is your first big step to moving on. It’s something that seems so simple, but can put a toll on a lot of people who’ve been accustomed to something for a long period of time.


Consider your expenses – Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

The lead parents of Cheaper by the Dozen, a father and mother of 12 kids, have frequently argued about the smallest things because of the economic repercussions of each house decision. If you’re purchasing a house for your family, planning and evaluating the smallest cents is essential.

Tools like mortgage calculators can be useful in laying down the potential expenses, but it really boils down to being organized and learning how to manage several factors in your home and family all at once.

Choose the right location – every horror movie

Halloween season is almost here and if you can spot a common thread in a lot of horror films, you know how the most unsettling things usually happen at home. Have a thorough research of your target location, from the proximity of the area to study/ work/ commercial trips down to its community.

Of course, always double check the house and lot you ended up choosing. Remember that the safety and security of your family is at stake.


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