Our Brand Is Crisis - Movie Review

Jan 15, 2016
our brand is crisis true story

'Our Brand Is Crisis' took the liberty of creating a fictionalized account of American campaign strategist Robert M. Shrum winning his candidate on the 2002 Bolivian election prominently featured in the 2005 documentary of the same name it was based on. There are really solid and thought-provoking material to cover for this fascinating story, but what the filmmakers did here was to create a satirical account of this story in a way the general mass can actually enjoy. And sure enough, you'll get the satire-feel in its first few minutes until it made a unnecessary detour to a direction where it doesn't know its destination.

This is a movie that clearly wants to have fun, and I guess some people will probably have a good share of laughs in this movie, especially in this time period where the Philippine Presidential Election is not far-fetch. But having fun, especially with this very serious story to deal with, has its limitations. The movie repeatedly throws you jokes after jokes that has nothing to do with its subject matter. Even during the times where they are actually dealing with it, it felt off because you're already fed up with all the unnecessary amounts of (mediocre) humor given to you.

our brand is crisis true story

Sandra Bullock plays Jane Bodine, the female counterpart of Shrum. For a role that was intentionally made for a man, I personally think Bullock carried the movie herself for the most part effectively. Her tough and preachy female personality was a nice touch. She is joined by Billy Bob Thornton, who plays the strategist on the opponent's side. There's a nice dynamic between the two, with their occasional banters as the movie's best bits.

The movie ended on a note where it could've been tighter if it wasn't there. The movie rushed to focus itself on the dramatic aspect of the story, which is already too late since there's 10-15 minutes of the movie left. It also wants to create a complete arc with Bullock's character, and it turned out to be a desperate decision for the filmmakers. 

'Our Brand Is Crisis' is a relevant movie in this particular time but it clearly doesn't want to be not until its closing moments. Bullock and Thornton are the sole heroes of this unsure satire, driving the movie with their terrific performances. It can be funny and enjoyable if all of it makes sense, but it painfully don't for the most part. 

The geek rates it 6/10!

'Our Brand Is Crisis' opens January 13, 2016 distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines!

our brand is crisis true story
Directed by: David Gordon Green 
Produced by: George Clooney, Grant Heslov 
Screenplay by: Peter Straughan (Based on "Our Brand Is Crisis" by Rachel Boynton) 
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Mackie, Joaquim de Almeida, Ann Dowd, Scoot McNairy, Zoe Kazan
Music by: David Wingo 
Cinematography: Tim Orr
Edited by: Colin Patton

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