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Our Brand Is Crisis - Movie Review

Jan 15, 2016

' Our Brand Is Crisis ' took the liberty of creating a fictionalized account of American campaign strategist Robert M. Shrum wi...

Election Madness Escalates With 'Our Brand Is Crisis'

Dec 16, 2015

Warner Bros. Pictures’ new satirical comedy “ Our Brand is Crisis ” starring Sandra Bullock takes a timely look at the high-stakes gamesm...

Sandra Bullock Is Baddest Villain Scarlett Overkill in 'Minions'

Jul 3, 2015

Academy Award-winner Sandra Bullock (“ The Blind Side,” “Gravity ”) stars in Universal Pictures’ “ Minions ” as Scarlet Overkill, the worl...

'Gravity' Lifts Off New Trailer Called "Detached"

Jul 28, 2013

Warner Bros. has just unveiled the new trailer of director Alfonso Cuaron's upcoming sci-fi suspense thriller “ Gravity ” codenamed “D...

Bullock-Clooney's Starrer 'Gravity' Opens 70th Venice Festival

Jul 7, 2013

“ Gravity ,” the new, much-awaited film directed by Alfonso Cuarón (“Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban,” “Children of Men”), starring Sa...

Sandra Bullock Improvs In 'The Heat'

Jul 3, 2013

Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock stars in “ The Heat ” and tries on improv comedy for the first time under director Paul Feig. Bulloc...

'The Heat' Is On

Jun 6, 2013

Budding comedy scribe Katie Dippold loved cop movies growing up.  Now a grown up, her love for cop movies continues and had successfully pe...

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