Train To Busan - Movie Review

Aug 29, 2016
train to busan movie review

In Yeon Sang-ho's 'Train To Busan', a zombie-infected passenger spreads chaos in a moving train. Taking every person on-board one by one, a small group of people are put on a test to survive as well as saving those who they cared about.

train to busan movie review

A lot of people will draw the same comparisons, but the film is essentially 'World War Z' meets 'Snowpiercer'. The film creates so much resemblance with the aforementioned titles that a lot of scenes can be mistaken to be them. The sense of familiarity in the story results both to be the film's flaws and positive trait, as each events leading up to the ending is thoroughly exciting.

train to busan movie review

The film deals a lot with self-interest as a means to survival, which unfortunately turned out to feel one-sided instead of being something profound. Scenes involving people sneaking in a zombie-populated cable car makes up for the film's slow moments, and manages to pull out laughs in a rather serious moment.

train to busan movie review

'Train To Busan' is thoroughly exciting albeit the familiarity of its creative choices. People seeking new things will be disappointed on this one, but there's something redeemable for its characters, which are genuinely fleshed out beneath its populated story line.

The geek rates it 8/10!

'Train To Busan' opens September 1 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Rafaella Films International! Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

train to busan movie review

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