Early 'Dunkirk' reactions praise IMAX photography, Harry Styles

Jul 11, 2017
dunkirk 70mm imax review harry styles

The first wave of reactions for Christopher Nolan's latest film 'Dunkirk' has been released by attendees of an early screening of the film on their Twitter handles. 

The reactions revealed that the WWII drama, based on the real-life Operation Dynamo in France, is a "master class in craft" and "a heartbreaking, heart-pounding, nail-biting offering."

Erik Davis of Fandago tweeted that the film "is a chaotic, relentless, thrilling and one of the most captivating movies you will see this year." He added that the film seems to consciously veer away from character development, and appreciated the "very-in-the-moment filmmaking."

Collider editor-in-chief Steven Weintrab described Harry Styles and newcomer actors as "great," and repeatedly mentioned the IMAX 70mm format of the film as the best way to see it. 

Styles was also praised by Jason Guerrasio, and was surprised the former One Direction member can actually act.

Nolan shot 'Dunkirk' with IMAX cameras and 65mm film. 

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The director's minimal use of dialogue in the film was acknowledged by film critic Alicia Malone, which she thought was "almost a silent film." 

'Dunkirk' is opening in Philippine cinemas this July 20.

Photo credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

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