From 'Bliss' to 'Bar Boys': A List of the Filipino Films You Can Stream (Legally) For Free!

Mar 16, 2020
bliss jerrold tarog iza calzado movie

Several film producers and studios in the Philippines have recently made their works available for streaming. (and free!)

If you are looking for new Filipino movies to watch during the quarantine season, you might consider a few titles we have listed for your viewing pleasure. 

This site condones any form of piracy so we ensure that everything listed below are uploaded with consent by its filmmakers.

A list of Filipino films you can stream (legally) for free:

Alipato: The Very Brief Life of an Ember (2016)

Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa (2015)

Bar Boys (2017)

Bliss (2017)

Citizen Jake (2018)

Dinig Sana Kita (2009)

Dormitoryo (2017)

Echorsis (2016)

Edward (2019)

Exes Baggage (2018)

Gayuma (2015)

Harana (2012)

Iisa (2015)

John Denver Trending (2019)

Kasal (2014)

Kita Kita (2017)

K’Na The Dreamweaver (2014)

Love You To The Stars and Back (2017)

LSS (2019)

Matangtubig (2015)

Meet Me in St. Gallen (2018)

Never Not Love You (2018)

Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo (2016)

Red (2014)

Shift (2013)

Sid and Aya (Not A Love Story, 2018)

Six Degrees of Separation From Lilia Cuntapay (2011)

Sunday Beauty Queen (2016)

Superpsychocebu (2016)

The Last Pinoy Action King (2015)

That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

Ulan (2019)

Water Lemon (2015)

Yanggaw (2009)

alipato khavn dela cruz movie
A bunch of 10-year-old kids rob and kill people without mercy until a failed bank robbery puts them in prison. After two decades, they are paroled but soon begin to disappear one by one.

Watch Khavn Dela Cruz's ALIPATO: The Very Brief Life Of An Ember on YouTube. Support our film workers during the quarantine by donating to Lockdown Cinema Club and Director's Guild of the Philippines (DGPI).

ANG KWENTO NATING DALAWA (Nestor Abrogena, Jr., 2015)
ang kwento nating dalawa nestor abrogena jr movie
A young filmmaker and an aspiring writer struggle to make something out of their relationship.

Watch Nestor Abrogena, Jr.'s Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa on iFlix.

BAR BOYS (Kip Oebanda, 2017)
bar boys kip oebanda movie
The film is about a group of friends who enter law school.

Watch Kip Oebanda's Bar Boys on YouTube.

BLISS (Jerrold Tarog, 2017)
bliss jerrold tarog iza calzado movie
Jane Ciego (Iza Calzado), a successful actress, produces her own film to gain respect from the industry. During the film production, she is involved in an accident that leaves her disabled. She is left in a secluded house to avoid more attention from the press, under the care and supervision of her husband, Carlo (TJ Trinidad) and a cruel, unusual nurse named Lilibeth (Adrienne Vergara). As days go by, she descends into insanity as she experiences horrors and madness while being trapped in her own home. 

Watch Jerrold Tarog's Bliss on TBA Studios' YouTube.

CITIZEN JAKE (Mike De Leon, 2018)
citizen jake mike de leon
Citizen Jake is the story of Jake Herrera, journalist and estranged son of a powerful Philippine Senator. More than anything, he wants to prove he is not like his father. This has been the motivation for most of his adult life's decisions, from career choice to his attempt to build a life for himself far away, in Baguio. But circumstances force him to try to solve the brutal murder of a young, female student from the university he teaches in. The investigation brings him on a path to encounter corruption and to finally face his own demons. 

Watch Mike De Leon's Citizen Jake on iFlix.

DINIG SANA KITA (Mike Sandejas, 2009)
dinig sana kita 2009 cinemalaya movie mike sandejas
Deaf dancing boy meets troubled rocker chick in a Baguio camp for Deaf and hearing kids where find that they have more in common with each other including a love for music. 

Watch Mike Sandejas' Dinig Sana Kita on Vimeo.

DORMITORYO (Emerson Reyes, 2017)
dormitoryo movie emerson reyes qcinema
Charles, an engineering student with an eye for beauty, just returned from school to a dormitory owned by Aling Linda, a strict, lonesome widow. Other occupants of the dorm include Max–now on his 7th year in college, Sheen–his reluctant partner, Steven–a social entrepreneur, Ramon–his cop lover, Alex–a call center agent, and Jenny–his attentive girlfriend. They all spend the evening tucked away in solitary rooms, talking about collective experiences, sharing a similar fate. And rent is due.

Watch Emerson Reyes' Dormitoryo on TBA Studios' YouTube.

ECHORSIS (Lem Lorca, 2016)
echorsis lem lorca movie
The film revolves around a gigolo Carlo (Alex Medina), who was possessed by a gay entity after he deceived Kristoff (John Lapus) his closeted gay lover. Father Nick (Kean Cipriano) is then tasked to exorcise the spirit out of Carlo's body. 

Watch Lem Lorca's Echorsis on Insight 360's YouTube.

EDWARD (Thop Nazareno, 2019)
edward cinemalaya movie thop nazareno watch
This coming-of-age drama about a boy stuck with his grandfather in a hospital was awarded Best Screenplay at the 2019 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival. 

Watch Thop Nazareno's Edward on iFlix.

EXES BAGGAGE (Dan Villegas, 2018)
exes baggage dan villegas
After a chance encounter, Pia (Angelica Panganiban) and Nix (Carlo Aquino) instantly hit it off. Natural conversations eventually develop into deep attraction. Despite their wounds from previous relationships, both decide to take a chance on each other. But when their love blossoms into a relationship, their differences will test their love for each other. Eventually, they will need to ask themselves if they are ready for another chance to fall in love even if they are still carrying baggage from their past. 

Watch Dan Villegas' Exes Baggage on iWant.

HARANA (Florante Aguilar, Benito Bautista, 2012)
harana benito bautista documentary
Upon his father's death, Florante Aguilar, a classically trained guitarist returns to the Philippines after 12 years of absence. During his stay he rediscovers the music of harana - a long-forgotten tradition of Filipino serenading when men sang under the window at night to fearlessly declare their love for a woman. 

Watch Florante Aguilar and Benito Bautista's Harana on YouTube.

GAYUMA (Cesar Hernando, 2015)
gayuma cesar hernando movie benjamin alvez
Mike is a young student artist at the UP College of Fine Arts. He is happy with his relationship with his girlfriend named Joy who is also a student taking up a film course. A beautiful and mysterious figure drawing model in their school catches his attention and is slowly drawn to her. He gets to meet her finally whose name is Stella, but Stella is quite elusive. Mike's curiosity slowly turns into obsession that leads to a discovery of a dark heritage and ends in deep erotic passion linked from his family's roots. 

Watch Cesar Hernando's Gayuma on TBA Studios' YouTube.

IISA (Chuck Gutierrez, 2015)
iisa chuck gutierrez movie qcinema
IISA (As One) is a narrative feature about a never ending war, a town ravaged by a devastating storm and the woman caught in between. 

Watch Chuck Gutierrez's Iisa on TBA Studios' YouTube.

KASAL (Jay Altarejos, 2014)
kasal the commitment jay altarejos movie cinemalaya
Kasal is a slice of life drama of a gay couple whose resolve to stay together is challenged as they attend a wedding. It is also is an examination on how a gay couple navigates through the different institutions in Philippine society. 

Watch Jay Altarejos' Kasal (The Commitment) on FilmFreeway.

KITA KITA (Sigrid Bernardo, 2017)
kita kita movie sigrid andrea bernardo
This is about two Filipinos living in Sapporo, Japan. Lea is a Velo taxi tour guide. She suffers an accident which leads to her being affected by temporary blindness that if not cured in a few weeks, could become permanent. Lea tries her best to ignore Tonyo at first, also a Filipino, because she is scared of not seeing him. But Tonyo is persistent and is determined to be her friend. In an ironic way, becoming blind allows Lea to see the true character of Tonyo. As Lea’s story ends, we will see Tonyo’s story begin. 

Watch Sigrid Bernardo's Kita Kita on iFlix.

K'NA THE DREAMWEAKER (Ida Del Mundo, 2014)
k'na the dreamweaver ida del mundo mara lopez rk bagatsing cinemalaya
When K’na, a young T’boli woman, becomes a dreamweaver, she has the chance to weave together her village’s warring clans. But, will she give up true love to do so? 

Watch Ida Del Mundo's K'Na The Dreamweaver on TBA Studios' YouTube.

LOVE YOU TO THE STARS AND BACK (Antoinette Jadaone, 2017)
love you to the stars and back movie joshua garcia julia barretto antoinette jadaone
Socially awkward lass Mika (Julia Barretto) decides to run away from home to search for aliens because she wants to be abducted by them. In her trip, she accidentally crosses paths with Caloy (Joshua Garcia), a happy-go-lucky boy who is on his way to meet his father. Mika decides to give Caloy a ride until he reaches his destination. Along the way, the two embark on a road trip filled with adventures and misadventures, making them realize that life's important lessons are learned by taking risks and chances. 

Watch Antoinette Jadaone's Love You to the Stars and Back on iWant.

LSS (Jade Castro, 2019)
lss movie jade castro khalil ramos gabbi garcia
Sata and Zack, an aspiring musician and a yearning soon find themselves in a series of almost-but-not-quite romantic encounters as they follow an uprising indie-folk band. Two struggling dreamers in their 20s discover what it means to grow up as they experience the joy and pain of love and loss accompanied by the music of Ben & Ben. 

Watch Jade Castro's LSS on iFlix.

MATANGTUBIG (Jet Leyco, 2015)
matangtubig jet leyco movie qcinema
The routine of the quaint rural town of Matangtubig is broken with the discovery of a girl's remains, defiled in an open grass field, another girl, missing. Claims for justice and a search ensues, the national media turns its attention, as the town is put on trial for the secrets it keeps, a local fisherman struggles with his conscience to admitting as witness. The townsfolk become entities for decency and sham, attempting to divert attention, the town put up its yearly festival by the lake, unknowing of a sleeping evil that has come to claim them. 

Watch Jet Leyco's Matangtubig on TBA Studios' YouTube.

MEET ME IN ST. GALLEN (Irene Villamor, 2018)
meet me in st gallen movie irene villamor carlo aquino bela padilla
An aspiring painter and a frustrated musician meet and become instant friends, but decide to end and leave everything as is, just like complete strangers. What will happen if they meet again as two completely different people? 

Watch Irene Villamor's Meet Me in St. Gallen on iFlix.

NEVER NOT LOVE YOU (Antoinette Jadaone, 2018)
never not love you james reid nadine lustre antoinette jadaone movie
A young reckless love between a couple, only to be separated by their dreams and choices in life. As changed people having finally achieved what they want in life, they meet again, 5 years later. 

Watch Antoinette Jadaone's Never Not Love You on iFlix.

patintero ang alamat ni meng patalo qcinema mihk vergara movie
10-year old Meng loves one thing: Patintero. The only hitch is that she’s terrible at it and her reputation has earned her the title of the neighborhood “patalo” (loser). But in the continuing struggle against the high school team that has one-sidedly claimed the territory of the local sari-sari store, Meng forms an unlikely team of fellow losers to finally challenge these high schoolers in the biggest game of their lives. 

Watch Mihk Vergara's Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo on TBA Studios' YouTube.

RED (Jay Abello, 2014)
red jay abello jericho rosales movie
Red, a shy orphan who spent most of his childhood in a girl up, grew up to be the town’s best fixer. 

Watch Jay Abello's Red on Cinema One's YouTube.

SHIFT (Siege Ledesma, 2013)
shift siege ledesma movie yeng constantino felix roco
Estela Alano, a free-spirited, former student-activist, and veteran call center agent begins to lose all sense of motivation to work at her BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company as her friends fall victim to layoffs caused by a business merger. On the brink of her resignation, she is assigned to be mentored by Trevor, an openly-gay senior agent.  As they grow closer, Estela senses an offbeat connection between them – one that results into developing romantic feelings for her gay friend. 

Watch Siege Ledesma's Shift on Cinema One's YouTube.

SID & AYA (NOT A LOVE STORY) (Irene Villamor, 2018)
sid and aya movie irene villamor dingdong dantes anne curtis
A high-spirited and hardworking young lady, Aya (Anne Curtis) who works at a 24-hr coffee shop is hired and becomes the confidante of Sid (Dingdong Dantes), a guy with insomnia. Budding romance starts to grow. But later discovers that the guy is about to propose to someone else. 
Watch Irene Villamor's Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story) on iFlix.

six degrees of separation from lilia cuntapay antoinette jadaone movie
A bit player in the movies is nominated for an award for the first time in her 30-year showbiz career. In her desire to deliver the perfect thank-you speech she constantly erases and rewrites her speech, taking care to include everyone she has ever worked with. As awards night approaches she is overwhelmed by unsolicited advice and the jitters. 

Watch Antoinette Jadaone's Six Degrees of Separation From Lilia Cuntapay on Cinema One's YouTube.

SUNDAY BEAUTY QUEEN (Baby Ruth Villarama, 2016)
sunday beauty queen watch

Sunday Beauty Queen follows a group of expatriate domestic workers in Hong Kong as they prepare to take part in an annual beauty pageant.

Watch Baby Ruth Villarama's Sunday Beauty Queen on TBA Studios' YouTube.

SUPERPSYCHOCEBU (Christian Linaban, 2016)
superpsychocebu christian linaban movie
A young man is on a quest to find a mythical strain of cannabis called the SUPERPSYCHOCEBU. Along the way, he meets characters that appear to have lost their minds after trying it, one of them even possessed by the Devil, at which point he starts questioning whether he’s in for some good weed or just one hell of a bad trip. Watch Christian Linaban's SUPERPSYCHOCEBU on YouTube.

THE LAST PINOY ACTION KING (Andrew Leavold, Daniel Palisa, 2015)
the last pinoy action king daniel palisa andrew leavold rudy fernandez daboy
A peek behind the Philippines' showbiz curtain to reveal the vivid and often heartbreaking story of Junior Action King, Rudy 'Daboy' Fernandez. Watch Andrew Leavold and Daniel Palisa's The Last Pinoy Action King on YouTube.

THAT THING CALLED TADHANA (Antoinette Jadaone, 2014)
that thing called tadhana antoinette jadaone movie watch
A woman (Angelica Panganiban) struggling to meet airline baggage requirements meets a man (JM De Guzman) who comes to her aid. They form a friendship that helps them mend each other's hearts. Watch Antoinette Jadaone's That Thing Called Tadhana on Cinema One's YouTube.

ULAN (Irene Villamor, 2019)
ulan nadine lustre movie irene villamor
Maya (Nadine Lustre) is a girl who has always held a pessimistic view of the rain, reminding her of failed love and other depressing things. Will the rain ever stop her in her journey to overcome past heartaches? Watch Irene Villamor's Ulan on HOOQ.

WATER LEMON (Lem Lorca, 2015)
water lemon lem lorca junjun quintana movie
Water Lemon is set in the coastal town of Mauban, Quezon, where the mundane lives of a grieving widow, a socially handicapped genius, and a helpless grandfather interconnect to create bumps in their flatline lives. Watch Lem Lorca's Water Lemon on TBA Studios' YouTube.

YANGGAW (Richard Somes, 2009)
yanggaw richard somes movie cinema one
An unknown infection in a young girl affects her body, which results in her turning into a monster. Watch Richard Somes' Yanggaw on Cinema One's YouTube.

Have a film we can add? Hit the comments below.

Photos used lifted from TBA Studios, Viva Films, ABS-CBN Films (Star Cinema, Black Sheep, and Cinema One Originals), Globe Studios, Cinemalaya, Stray Dogs, Kamias Overground, Quantum Films, HOOQ, Dogtown Manila, Solar Pictures, Insight 360, New Art Media, Panumduman Films, Death Rides a Red Horse.


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