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What's Real and Not in 'Black Mass'

Oct 28, 2015

Myth and reality intersect in Warner Bros.' “ Black Mass ,” a compelling new big screen thriller that chronicles the rise and fall of ...

Johnny Depp is Notorious Mobster Whitey Bulger in 'Black Mass'

Oct 14, 2015

Three-time Oscar nominee Johnny Depp (“ Sweeney Todd” “Finding Neverland, ” the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films) stars as notorious mobst...

Joel Edgerton Strikes A Deal With The Devil in 'Black Mass'

Sep 28, 2015

Australian actor Joel Edgerton (“ Exodus: Gods and Kings,” “The Great Gatsby ”) plays an FBI agent who makes a pact with the devil, in War...

Dakota Johnson Leads the Women of 'Black Mass'

Sep 24, 2015

Though, in the context of the time, the FBI and the mob were each something of a boys’ club, there are women in the story Warner Bros. Pict...

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