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The Cabin In The Woods (Film Review)

Aug 26, 2012

I see the point why I don't like going in the woods after watching this movie. A group of teenagers go on a trip in the cabin at t...

Total Recall (Film Review)

Aug 23, 2012

Hey robo-dick, that's mine! Douglas Quaid's life has just got to be really better since he got a beatutiful wife and a dec...

The Expendables 2 (Film Review)

Aug 20, 2012

The Expendables are reunited when Mr. Church asks them to take on a job. But things go bad when Jean Vilain kills one of the member of t...

The Artist (Film Review)

Aug 20, 2012

George Valentin is a famous, cheerful silent film actor. After the premiere of his latest picture, 'The Russian Affair', a fan na...

Top 5: Films By Christopher Nolan

Aug 19, 2012

Christopher Nolan has been a respected name in the industry since Following. And became a well-known talented filmmaker for The Dark Knig...

The Bourne Legacy (Film Review)

Aug 19, 2012

So we got a new Bourne movie without Matt Damon. How is it gonna work? Here's my thoughts on the film. So The Bourne Legacy is abou...

Star Wars (Film Review)

Aug 16, 2012

The force is strong with me so I decided to review one of my favorite film of all time.

The Newsroom Pilot (TV Series Review)

Aug 12, 2012

Ever since The Social Network came out in October 2010, I had been a follower of Aaron Sorkin. I love how he made dialogues and conversat...

And Here's Your First Look Of Russell Crowe As Noah

Aug 11, 2012

Here's your official first look of Russell Crowe as the Partriarch Noah in the upcoming biblical epic, Noah . The latest film by Darre...

Top 5: Movies With A Sad Ending

Aug 10, 2012

This is the first episode for Top 5, where I put in my top favorites or worst things that come up in my mind. And this being the first to...

The Dictator (Film Review)

Aug 10, 2012

Most of you might hate me for saying this. The Dictator is a terrible movie. The Dictator is mainly about General Hafez Aladeen, a dicta...

Does 'The Dark Knight' Prologue Draw Inspiration In This Scene?

Aug 8, 2012

So, I just saw this 80s Adventure movie called BMX Bandits  (which is actually pretty bad by the way) and I kinda notice something famili...

First Look Of Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln

Aug 7, 2012

Entertainment Weekly  has revealed it's first official photo of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's upcomi...

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